Do I need a minimum credit score to qualify for financing as a startup?

No. Our lenders have multiple guidelines regarding credit. Apply now to see which programs you qualify for.

When do I stop being a startup?

Finance lenders will use 2-3 years in business as the line of delineation between startups and non-startups. Lenders will typically follow whatever your state’s Secretary of State defines as a startup.

Can startups/new businesses qualify for commercial equipment loans?

We have equipment programs for startups that fund up to 100% of the equipment with no prepayment penalty.   

Do you offer leases/loans for startups/new businesses?

Yes! Many of our partners offer competitive programs for startups. We can help take you through every step of the process to help you find a program that fits your goals. 

Can my business receive funding if I have a prior bankruptcy?

We have programs that do not take personal credit or time in business into consideration . Learn more.

Is there a way to review my credit without impacting my score?

Yes. In most cases, we will only run a soft credit pull that won’t impact your credit score in the form of a hard inquiry.

Do you have a minimum funding amount?

Our partners’ funding minimums start at $10,000. 

Are there age or mileage restrictions on the equipment that can be financed?

Many of the programs we offer do not have restrictions on mileage or age/hours. We can also fund over the road tractors with rebuilt engines/overhauls assuming necessary paperwork is provided. 

Can I get a commercial loan with no prior credit history?

Yes, we have programs with no FICO requirements that only account for the business’ cash flow and the asset being financed.  No prior credit history necessary.

Is there a minimum credit score required?

No. If your business is profitable, we will find a solution for you, regardless of your current credit score.  

How long does the loan process take?

Application to funding typically takes 1-5 business days depending on which programs you qualify for.  

Can you Finance a Private Party Sale?

Yes, equipment resellers will be happy to know that they can also qualify for financing with us.  

Do you finance cannabis and hemp products?

Yes. So long as a you are licensed within your respective state to manufacture, produce, market, etc. your product, we can get it funded. 

What Do You Finance?

 We finance a variety of new and used equipment across multiple industries such as medical, construction, industrial, and more. To learn more, click any of the links below: